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אנחנו והקהילה

We and the community 

Music for every child  - musical cooperation between Jews and Arabs


The Music House is extremely active in strengthening and empowering the community in which it is located.


Music for every child 

Beit The music developed the "Amadeus" program, in which dozens of children in the elementary grades receive musical education, learning to play an instrument of their choice, within the walls of the school, during school hours and with minimal funding from the parents.

Children, who normally would not come to the world of music, play and participate in musical ensembles at school.

A very important product of the Amadeus program is a significant decrease in the level of violence in the school and a clear increase in the academic achievements of the students who play music.

Participating schools:

  • The Gilboa candle

  • Emek Harod

  • Hand to five

  • Chabad Gilboa


Share Musical action between Jews and Arabs

Both Jewish and Arab students study at the Music House.

The cultural combination creates a fascinating connection, both musically and socially, and the reactions of all the parents at the concerts held during the school year testify to this.


Back to playing

The Music House holds a unique activity, in conjunction with the "Remon" music school, which allows those who played in their youth to come back and play in an organized setting.

The Music House forms musical ensembles, guided by the Music House and Ramon teachers, provides them with the necessary infrastructure on site, instruments and amplification and enables them to return to being active musicians.

Interested in playing again?  Call now

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