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ראש עמוד מסלולים


Children, teenagers and adults Almost anyone can learn to play a musical instrument.

With us you will be musicians at heart. We will support and push you to maximize your personal ability through:

  • Personal, professional and excellent training in a variety of tools

  • An in-depth study of the history and theory of music

  • Personal empowerment, along with education for taking responsibility and initiative

  • Musical practice - playing in guided ensembles, performances, concerts and various events

  • Belonging to an elite group of musicians, who are active and contribute in the community in which they live


If you are between the ages of six and eighty, you belong with us.

הגיל הרך


BThe Music Department specializes in teaching music and the art of movement to preschoolers.

For toddlers from the age of two  up to the first grade, classes are offered in small groups, which invite an introduction to the world of music, and enable the identification and cultivation of each child's talent.

pre tool

Pre-tool lessons intended for ages 3-6 led by Stas Gavrilov

The lessons include:

  • Introduction with the instruments of the symphony orchestra

  • Familiarity with concepts of the world of music

  • Cultivating cooperation and mutual listening skills

  • Identifying and nurturing the talents of each child


parents and children

A meeting of toddlers and their parents with music and movement is intended for two and three year olds.

Developing a sense of rhythm, musical hearing, coordination and perception of sequence Through and in combination with active listening, movement and play, singing and experimenting with playing the various instruments



The dance classes (pre-ballet) are intended for children from the age of 4 to the first grade under the guidance of Michal Shanan . Enrichment and preparation for ballet classes - the purpose of the classes is to develop the ability to receive a frame, to develop proper coordination, and to cultivate sensitivity to music and the possibility of expression in movement.

The lessons are based on the above curriculum compiled by the Royal Academy of London.

A - 12 

The Music House in Kibbutz Jezreel is a music school that provides its students with a framework of musical education from preschool to the end of the 12th grade.


Individual music lessons: Piano, organ, bagpipe, bagpipe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, guitar, violin, cello, drums. The individual lessons are intended for children, youth and adults.

voice development:The lessons are personal and intended for youth and adults, and include an introduction to a wide vocal repertoire. The repertoire is also based on the learner's personal choice.

Theory - musical enrichment classes 

Every student learning music is entitled to receive an additional music lesson within a  group. The classes are held in a comfortable and creative atmosphere and include:
Solfege, hearing development and the history of music.


Intended for first graders. Led by Stas Gavrilov

Unique theory lessons in an unusual atmosphere  held in a spacious movement room 

During them, they learn to read notes, rhythms and concepts from the world of music, through musical games, singing and movement.



The dance classes are intended for 2nd and 3rd graders under the guidance of Michal Shanan 

Enrichment and preparation for ballet lessons

The lessons are based on the above curriculum compiled by the Royal Academy of London

Learning is individual or in groups, and is accompanied by special theoretical enrichment classes.

א' - יב'

 the vehicles


The bandKlejmerband

Made up of students and graduates of the Music House under the leadership and direction of Stas Gavrilov.

The band represented Israel at events and competitions in the USA, Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Israel, and along the way received praise, enthusiastic reviews and prestigious awards.

The saxophone sextet

Conducted by Stas, she represents the music house in a variety of concerts and cultural events throughout the country.

The six-piece plays a varied repertoire - starting with well-known classics, jazz-style pieces and Israeli music.

The ensemble participated in and won a book of competitions in Israel and abroad.

The vehicleBig Band - "Gilboband"

Under the direction of Yuri Geifman.

Playing wonderful jazz pieces, the ensemble appeared and played in many concerts and jazz shows in Israel.

The representative group in which the students of the Music House participate receives many praises at every performance.

The Music House Orchestra

Advanced students from second year and above participate in the music house orchestra. Playing in the orchestra contributes a lot to the musical development of the student, imparts working habits in a team, expands the musical understanding of the other instruments of the orchestra and helps to develop hearing and musical understanding. The repertoire in the orchestra is diverse and includes: Israeli songs, classical pieces, world music and popular songs

Musical ensembles

Advanced students participate in musical ensembles. Playing in these ensembles contributes greatly to the student's musical development, imparts teamwork habits, and enriches the familiarity with the musical repertoire, among the ensembles: rock band, jazz ensemble, saxophone ensemble, guitar ensemble  and drum ensemble.


Sonic composition

Singing together and getting to know a variety of classical, folk and Israeli songs.
Intended for children in grades 7 - 12

Matriculation in music

music course of study

We are a music major for high school students, in which you can study music as a subject for matriculation
while combining with the studies at the various schools.

The studies are theoretical and practical   and are submitted to the matriculation exams at the level of 5 credits, in addition to a matriculation recital in the various instruments and singing.



Every year the Music House and its teachers submit the 12th grade students to a practical matriculation exam at the level of 5 credits. The exam is possible in two tracks:

  • External recital- which includes preparing a program for a recital, playing the program in a recital concert at the Music House (annual score) and a test at the Ministry of Education    (matriculation score)

  • Internal recital - which includes the preparation of a recital program and the playing of the program in a recital concert at the music hall (annual score only)

מגמת מוסיקה
לימודי מבוגרים

Adult studies

Adults of all ages who choose to fulfill their musical dreams come to study at the Music House.

Lessons for playing different instruments or voice development are available in private lessons with our best teachers,
and participation in internal concerts held every month. 


"Amadeus Gold"  music and singing study program

Continuous collaboration between generations in Gilboa Beit EMusic yields a new initiative for musical studies! In recent years, learning to play music at an older age has become a popular hobby in Israel and around the world. New studies in the field of neuroscience and music reinforce that it has a very positive effect on the brain. The learning action in the tool is a combination of several stimuli that are activated simultaneously at all levels. Each action is related to the activation of hundreds of muscles, coordination between the right and left hand, as well as control of emotional stimuli at the same time.

Adults who learn to play music or sing at the Yezrael Gilboa Music House testify to the fulfillment of dreams and wishes while significantly improving the quality of their lives.

Who is afraid to start learning music? Your musical past is really irrelevant. All it takes is real passion. Learning notes is only part of the musical repertoire and most people manage to read notes.


And what can be learned?

It is recommended to start piano lessons. Keyboard instruments are considered relatively easy instruments and it is possible to achieve quick results in a relatively short time, but all options are open: wind instruments, string instruments, etc.

Piano and voice development studies will be held at the Dorot Center in Gilboa and other musical instrument studies will be held at the Music House in Kibbutz Yizrael.

Those who join "Amadeus Zahav" will be able to enjoy all the concerts and workshops held throughout the year at the music house.

Yezrael Gilboa Music House

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