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The Association of Friends of the Music House is designed to update our acquaintances and loved ones on the current activities as well as the special events that take place during the   school year, and to join the circle of volunteers and practitioners

How can I help?

"Donation in memory" - 
There is a memorial plaque in the Music House. You can donate and memorialize your loved one on this board.

Awarding study scholarships or lending musical instruments free of charge to outstanding students or to students from families who have difficulty making payments.

Taking part in productions  -

ticket sales,

event photography, transportation,

Preparing refreshments and selling them, etc.

Section Title

We see this as a mission and the fulfillment of the vision! 

Any donation will be received with deep gratitude, blessing and appreciation.

"Music is the mediator between the spiritual life and the sensual life"

Ludwig van Beethoven

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