Stas Gavrilov:  Musician, player of clarinet, saxophone and piano, music teacher and teacher 

for pre-school children, instructor for seminars and workshops which incorporate the arts, 

youth and student leader, founder and director of the Yizrael-Gilboa Music School since its 

inception in 1995, instigator and operator of the Amadeus Program in different schools 

within the area of the Gilboa Regional Council.

Graduate of the Music Academy in the Tel Aviv University, of the Institute for Performing  

Arts in Tzecheistan and of the Music Academy in Moscow.

Teaching Staff:  The teaching staff of the music school includes particularly creative 

musicians.  All are graduates of institutes of higher education, rich in teaching experience, 

openness and motivation.


Music is in your spirit.

Whether you are a child, a teenager or an adult

You too can learn to play a musical instrument.

We will assist you to fulfill your personal potential using:


  • Individual, professional, excellent instruction in a variety of instruments.

  • In-depth study of the history of music and theory.

  • Personal empowerment, responsibility and initiative.

  • An all-inclusive musical experience – playing in ensembles, performances, concerts 

  • and other events. 

  • You will belong to an elite group of musicians who actively contribute to the community in which they live. 


If you are between 6 – 70, come and join us.





Our music school specializes in teaching music and movement to pre-schoolers:

For two-year olds up to grade one children we offer small group activities inviting the child 

to become acquainted with the world of music; and enabling the identification and 

cultivation of individual talents. 


The dance classes (pre-ballet) for 4 year-olds up until grade one pupils encourage young 

participants to understand rules; to develop good coordination; to nurture musical 

perceptiveness; to express oneself via movement. 

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The pre-instrumental lessons are for age 3 – 6 and are taught by Stas Gavrilov.

The lessons include:

Learning about musical instruments from the symphony orchestra.

Learning about musical concepts.

Learning listening skills and mutual cooperation.

Identifying and cultivating individual talents. 




A gathering of toddlers and their parents based on music and movement.  Suitable for age 2-3.

A chance to develop: rhythmic skills, musical listening skills, coordination and sequential perception. 

The lessons incorporate active listening, movement, games, singing and experiencing various 

musical instruments. 




Dance classes are for kindergarten children and grade one pupils.

The classes are taught by Michal Sha'anan. 

The lessons include enrichment and preparation for ballet lessons. 

The lessons are based on the international curriculum as created by the London Royal 

Academy of Dance.


GRADES 1-12 

The music school at Kibbutz Yizre'el provides musical education from pre-school through 

to high school graduation. 




Lessons are suitable for elementary school beginning with grade two pupils. 

Teacher: Stas Gavrilov.

A gathering which is all rhythm: getting acquainted with different percussion instruments; 

exploring and combining sounds by drumming, singing and movement.


For grade one pupils.

Teacher: Stas Gavrilov.

Unique theory lessons held in a special atmosphere. The lessons take place in a spacious 

classroom. The pupils learn to read music, and learn rhythm and musical concepts through 

musical games, song and movement.




Dance lessons for children in grades 2–3.

Teacher: Michal Sha'anan.

Enrichment and preparation for ballet classes.

The lessons are based on the international curriculum as created by the London Royal 

Academy of Dance. 

Individual or group learning. With special lessons on theory enrichment. 




Piano, organ, flute, recorder, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, guitar, violin, cello, drums. The 

private lessons are for children, teenagers and adults. 




Teenagers and adults will be accepted for private lessons in voice training. The lessons will 

introduce the students to a broad vocal repertoire and will also take into account the 

student's personal choices. 




Private lessons in composition are available for teens and adults with an appropriate musical 

background. The lessons will introduce the student musical literature from different ages, 

and will develop composition skills. 




Whoever learns an instrument is entitled to receive an additional group music lesson. The 

lessons, which take place in a relaxed, creative  atmosphere include solfege, listening 

comprehension, and the history of music.




Advanced students may participate in instrumental ensembles. Playing in an 

ensemble contributes to the students' musical development, instills team-working 

skills and enriches their musical repertoire. We have the following ensembles: rock, 

jazz, saxophones, guitars and drums. 




By singing together the pupils become acquainted with a variety of classical songs, 

popular songs and Israeli songs. 

For pupils from grade 7 to grade 12.




We provide a course of studies for high school pupils, where-by they can learn music 

as a 'bagrut' subject in combination with other school subjects. The course is taught 

at the 5 point level, and includes theoretical and practical work. The pupils prepare 

for the 5 point 'bagrut' exam including a musical recital on an instrument of choice or singing. 




Adults of all ages, who choose to realize their dreams to study music, sign up for 

studies at our school. Adults can take private lessons with one of our excellent 

teachers and learn to play a musical instrument or learn vocal training and they can 

participate in one of the monthly concerts held at the music school.

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