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About us

About us

The Yizre'el Gilboa Music Center is the main school for music education in the Gilboa Regional Council  and was established 20 years ago (1995) at the initiative of Kibbutz yizre'el.

Since its establishment, the Music center has been training and nurturing generations of musicians, both instrumentalists and vocalists, of all ages.

Special attention has been given to community activities  ,  that transforms the music studies into a means of empowering different populations including Arab-Jewish co-operation, and creating a cultural center that initiates and stages regional cultural events.


Our tasks  and goals

  • to transform every student into a musician in his soul:
    the playing, the singing, the ensembles, the music theory and the history of music all combine in the extensive musical activity and in the musical events and concerts of the students and the teachers.

  •  The Music Stream in the Emek Harod (Amal) School:
    the Academy constitutes the Music Stream for the high school students, offering them the possibility to study for their matriculation in Music at the highest level (5 points), as well as a recital for the matric exam in different instruments.

  • The Amadeus Program:
    The teachers of the Yizre'el-Gilboa Music Center offer a curriculum for instrumental and choral studies –"Amadeus"- in elementary schools in the area of the Gilboa Regional Council.  The Amadeus Program is offered in the course of regular school hours
    This program, which was developed by Stas Gavrilov, the founder and Director of the Music Center, has an added value – the enrichment of the cultural atmosphere within the schools (including ceremonies, festivals and special events) and aiding in the reduction of violence, while raising the level of achievement of the program participants.

  • A Cultural Center in the region: 
    The Music Center initiates and produces cultural events connected to music which are open to the wider public.

  • The performing community:
    We are presently in the throes of establishing unique combinations of individuals in the region for those interested in developing their musical capabilities via coached ensembles in the Music Academy.
    In January 2015 the Music Academy was formally reconstituted as a registered non-profit society.
    The society adopts and re-emphasizes the original goals of the Academy
    -To promote music as a means of advancement, development and empowering individuals, while promoting the community within which it operates
    -To increase the musical and social co-operation between Jews and Arabs living together in the same region
    All visitors to this web site are invited to come and enjoy everything that the Academy has to offer, either as pupils, as listening audiences, or as music buffs – enjoying the rich variety of activities which the Yizre'el – Gilboa Music Center has to offer all who cross its threshhold. 

The Music Center and the wider community

The Academy is very active in strengthening and empowering the community around it.

Music for every child

The Music center has developed the "Amadeus" program, through which dozens of children receive basic musical education in their classrooms, including the learning of an instrument of their personal choice within the school framework and in regular school hours, with only a small financial participation of the parents.

Children, who would ordinarily not be exposed to the world of music, can play an instrument and participate in ensembles in their schools.

An important by-product of the Amadeus program is the reduction in violence in the schools and a clear and significant rise in academic achievement of the program participants.

The participating schools are:

Ner Hagilboa

Emek Harod

Yad L'Hamisha


Musical Co-operation between Jews and Arabs

In the Academy, Jewish and Arab students study together as one.

The cultural co-operation produces an exciting connection, both musical and social ,  and the comments from parents at the concerts which are held during the study year bear witness to this.


Back to playing

The Academy offers a unique activity, in conjunction with the "Rimon" music school, which enables those who played instruments in the past to return to playing, in an organized framework.   The Music center crystallizes the ensembles which are trained by teachers from the school and from "Rimon", and  provides for them the necessary infrastructure, instruments and sound equipment which enables them to get back into active playing.

Interested in getting back to playing?  Call us now!!


Regional cultural center

The Yizre'el – Gilboa Music Center is a regional cultural center.

The lectures, concerts and musicals from the production line of the Music center are things of renown in the region.

The combination with the "Rimon" music school enables the Music center to extend its range of activities and to bring extensive cultural activity to you, to the home.

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Success stories

Success stories

Noam Sharett

Noam studied the flute in the Music center from the eighth grade until finishing school in the twelfth grade.  She is a student with great musical talent and strong motivation to succeed.  Noam participated in a large number of concerts and appearances with a wide repertoire.  She also took part in many workshops and master classes.


In the "Maestro" competition (in which participated players of all instruments from all over the country), Noam reached the semi-final stage.  In the competition in Ra'anana,  and the competition for young musicians where Noam reached the finals.


Noam played in the national "Kibbutz Orchestra".

At the end of her twelfth grade year at high school, in her recital for five point matriculation, Noam achieved the grade of 100%.


In her army service, Noam played in the Army Orchestra, and she is presently furthering her music studies at the national Music Academy in Jerusalem.

Inbar Sharett

Inbar Sharett began to study the clarinet in the seventh grade in the Music center under the tutelage of Stas Gavrilov, while at the same time studying the piano under Ania Mustkov.


Inbar progressed very quickly in his clarinet studies and showed great ability as a performer.  This enabled him to develop a wide repertoire for the instrument during the course of his studies.  Inbar is an inquisitive student, a musician in his soul and extremely creative.  His motivation is very high and he has acquired wide knowledge in music.


In conjunction with his clarinet playing, Inbar progressed well in his study of the bass clarinet and participated in many performances with both instruments, as well as many master classes with teachers from Israel and from overseas.  He has participated in many competitions (like Keren Sharett), has played in symposiums of the Kibbutz Youth Orchestra and also took part in the delegation of the Academy to the United States.


In his recital for the five point matric exam at the end of the twelfth grade, he achieved a perfect result of 100%.

Inbar is presently playing in the I.D.F. orchestra in the framework of his compulsory army service.

Renena Lifshitz

Renena began her guitar studies in the Academy in the fifth grade and continued until the twelfth grade under the teaching of Ziv Katz.  From the very beginning Renena stood out with her talent and her dedication to her studies.


Renena participated in a large number of concerts, performances and recitals with a wide and varied repertoire, as well as participating in many workshops and master classes with the most renowned teachers and guitar players from Israel and abroad. In the "Maestro" competition (in which participated players of all instruments from all over the country), Renena reached the semi-final stage, and in the national guitar competition under the auspices of the national Music Academy she received much praise.


In her twelth grade year at school she completed her five point recital with great distinction.


In 2014 Renena won the prestigious scholarship from the American-Israel cultural foundation (Keren Sharett).


In the current academic year, Renena is completing her studies at the national Music Academy in Jerusalem.

Ro'ee Fradkin

Ro'ee began his guitar studies in the Music center in the eighth grade under the tutelage of Ziv Katz, and continued until the twelfth grade.  Throughout his studies he has shown great talent and the highest abilities in his playing.


Ro'ee participated in a large number of concerts, performances and recitals with a wide and varied repertoire, as well as participating in many workshops and master classes with the most renowned teachers and guitar players from Israel.


In 2014 Ro'ee won the prestigious scholarship from the American-Israel cultural foundation (Keren Sharett).

Tasnim Kassem

Tasnim began studying the guitar in the Music center in the ninth grade.  In the tenth grade she began to study singing lessons under the tutelage of Ra'isa Gavrilov.


Tasnim was found to be an extraordinary talent as a singer and in addition to her wonderful voice , she showed a unique ability to engage the audience.


Tasnim is a prime example of the magnificent meeting of East and West, combining the merits of both Arab and Jewish music.  She was an important part of the Music center delegation to the United States in 2011 and participated in the "Peace Concert" that took place in France in 2015, as well as in a TV program and many concerts.


She presently combines her studies in Computer Engineering in the Technion (Technological University in Haifa) with singing lessons and participation in the Technion choir.






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